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Hopewell Development is excited to introduce "The Refinery District". The newly rebranded place to live, work and create in Winnipeg's south core. This will be a unique project, converting an under-utilized industrial land area in to a large mixed-use infill development. The current development plan for the site envisions the ultimate development of 44 acres of industrial and office space, 23 acres of commercial space and 32 acres of multi-family residential housing in an area that is surrounded by some of Winnipeg’s fastest growing and most affluent residential communities.

Once completed, The Refinery District site will encompass a vibrant “live & work” community with a thriving commercial node anchored by a two-storey Goodlife Fitness, and will become the new standard for mixed-use development in Winnipeg.



The Refinery District is located immediately to the west of the Pembina highway and within 2.3 km of the University of Manitoba. The site is bounded by industrial lands to the north and west, Bishop Grandin Boulevard to the south and a Manitoba Hydro Corridor and the Letellier CN Rail Line to the east. There will be four access points – heading east off Waverly Street, south off Chevrier, north off Bishop Grandin and access to the east from the City’s Transitway.

The Property has significant development potential as an in-fill mixed use site and represents a unique opportunity to incorporate a number of the city’s transit oriented development (“TOD”) principles. Indeed, The Refinery District represents the city’s first truly TOD project, which is significant as TOD projects have been undertaken in all of the major Canadian centres.

One of the highlights of the site is its access to the planned Stage 2 expansion of the Southwest Transitway on the eastern boundary of the Property. Stage 1 opened in April 1, 2012 and is currently in operation from downtown to Pembina and Jubilee. Stage 2 will extend the Southwest Transitway from Pembina and Jubilee south to the University of Manitoba, and will include a station located adjacent to the southeast corner of the Property – the Plaza Transit Station. Following construction and a period of testing, training and commissioning, transit operations are expected to commence in April 2020.



With respect to the industrial components of the Development, we currently intend to develop 44 acres of light industrial and office land within the northwest and north-central portion of the site. The industrial portion will feature warehouse space, industrial lot sales to end users as well as various build-to-suit options. The retail and commercial portions of the property are proposed to be 23 acres on the southern portion of the site with opportunities for hotel, gas, pharmacy and other retail offerings.

The two-storey, 60,000 square foot Goodlife Fitness anchors the west retail site, drawing large volumes of users throughout the day.
We have envisioned that the residential components of the development will consist of up to 13 serviced lots spread across 32 acres. This space will contain townhomes and multi-family properties of up to 15 stories.

This development is being planned along the southeast end of the Property, with close access to the planned Southwest Transitway station. The residential plan will be situated just south of an open and green space park which will encompass larger scale active and passive recreation areas, and will form a logical and direct link to the station area. Pedestrian and bicycle network linkages to the station will also be incorporated throughout the area. 

Development has already begun with Newmarket Boulevard complete and a large portion of ballantrae installed. Site servicing will begin in the Spring of 2017 for Scurfield Boulevard and the Waverley intersection with serviced lots available by the Fall of 2017. Vertical construction has followed with Broadstreet Development's two (2), Six-Storey rental apartments nearing completion in the Summer of 2019. 



The Refinery District will be Hopewell’s latest major development in Winnipeg. Hopewell has developed a number of projects in Winnipeg which include the 118K sq. ft. grocery and pharmacy anchored Bridgwater Town Centre, the 73K sq. ft. Kildonan Green commercial plaza, and the 400K sq. ft. Kenaston Common destination power centre.